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Authorised Davey Master Dealer

Davey is widely recognised as being a manufacturer of pumps with an unrivalled dependability.

We have been an Authorised Davey Master Dealer for over 25 years. Having received numerous awards for excellence in customer service we are well equipped to satisfy all of your buying needs. Being a Master Dealer we are authorised to carry out Warranty repairs on your Davey pump. Additionally, we have the expertise to ensure all non warranty repairs are carried out efficiently and at a fair price.

Our range of Davey pumps includes:

  • Household Pressure Systems
  • Fire Fighter units (equipped with Honda Motors )
  • Pool Pumps
  • Pond Pumps
  • Reticulation Pumps

We also supply water filtration systems that provide for extensive WATER PURIFICATION  options.


As an authorised reseller of Silvan 12 volt Diaphram Pumps we are able to offer an extensive range of their SHURflo, Aquatec and Pak Pumps

If you need a Spot Pak Smooth Flo spray unit,or, a Back Pack sprayer, or even a rechargeable Trolley sprayer, we are able to not only supply the unit itself, but also provide you with technical advice so as you are able to make best use of the range of SILVAN products.



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